Creating Dry & Healthy Basements

Our first step in basement waterproofing is to locate the source of the water.

Wet Basements are something we have experience in repairing for several homeowners in the Atlanta area. We will meet with you to discuss – how, when, and where the issue occurs.

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The best way to avoid a major water problem in your basement is to take steps to prevent it, like these:

• Replace your old sump pump with a dependable cast-iron model;

• Add a battery backup sump pump system to guard against basement flooding during a power failure;

• Repair foundation wall cracks in your foundation

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Water leaks are not a problem you can afford to ignore.

Fungal Growth
If you have water leaks in your behind walls or under floors this can use the growth and spread of various types of fungus, which in turn can cause health problems.

Ongoing water damage to wooden joists or floorboards in your home can eventually lead to serious structural problems.

Wherever you are on the path to fixing your basement, we’re here to be of assistance.

If you’re looking to understand the underlying causes of your basement problems and the range of possible solutions, you’re in the right spot. If at any point you think you’d like to get your basement inspected ASAP and get a proposal to fix it –
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